2:Martian Landing

Posted: February 9, 2014 in 02 February 2014
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Standing at door, the threshold
Sweeping open electric doors
Expedition to unfold
Step onto Martian outdoors

Scanning remote horizon
Something on sandy hill
First contact, Martian spawn
Fingers on gun, go for goodwill

Distant sun bounces with a splash
Atop windswept hill, metallic glint
That was no solar flash
Revealed with quickened squint

Dodge red photon blast
Dive promptly for shelter to seek
Barrage of fire, being harassed
Over boulder for a peek

Assessing dangerous situation
Retreat to ship or stand firm
Wondering what started conflagration
Behind big rock beginning to squirm

A new threat on the rise
Blazing fury, fighting gunship
Odds are worse, time to surmise
Meager gun in death grip

Need to find a way out of scrape
Menacing gunship escalating feud
Flee to rocket for speedy escape
Not likely for this dude

There is pause in one sided fight
Red land begins rumbling
Staring down bright headlight
Jump to feet stumbling

Awkward lurch to secure hollow
Slump in total dejection
Second maelstrom about to follow
Time for retaliation

Howitzer, massive and mechanical
Jerks to menacing life
Aims to quell the tyrannical
Unleash hellish strife

Today transitions to twilight
Cold quickly sneaks in
Provocative projectile furthers fight
Earlier foes caused great chagrin

Under cold solar night
Hurled to ground with explosion
Burning pain begins to ignite
Rational thought goes through erosion


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